Pouder Road Smoke Alarm Walk
By Public Information Officer Clay Myers
March 11, 2017

Gamber & Community Fire Co. members devoted several hours on a very cold Saturday morning to the Pouder Road neighborhood in Eldersburg after last week's house fire.

Members visited each house on the road to check smoke alarms. We knocked on 24 doors today. We had nine houses that did not answer the door, one vacant house, and four people declined our services. Four houses advised us they had checked and updated their alarms this week because of the house fire.

We installed eight ten-year alarms, three hardwired smoke alarms, and three carbon monoxide (CO) alarms. We also provided an alarm for one family who wanted to install the alarm themselves.

Overall it was a good day - just extremely cold. The activity was coordinated by EMS Lieutenant Bridget Weishaar who is also chairman of the fire prevention committee. Captain Chad Hastings, who was incident commander for the Pouder Road house fire, also participated.

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