Live Fire Training
By Firefighter/EMT Frank Smith
July 9, 2017

Today over 30 members of Gamber Fire Company were joined by members of Reese and Pleasant Valley Fire Companies to participate in an acquired structural training burn. The house was scheduled for demo and the contractor contacted the fire company to see if we wanted to use for training. The first two burns were a basic fire behavior scenarios to allow newer firefighters to see what would happen in a real house. New firefighters only get to burn in a burn building for class so this gave them a different point of view. After that crews rotated through burns, practicing hose line advancement and fire extinguishing. It was a great training and all members got more experience at the same time.

We would like to thank the contractor and all those who participated.

Units: Engine 131, Engine 134, Engine Tanker 133, Brush 135, Brush 136, Medic 139, Dive 13, Utility 13
Mutual Aid: Engine 92, Utility 9 (Reese); Tanker 6 (Pleasant Valley)
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