Basement Fire on Cherry Tree
By Firefighter Dylan Baker
August 15, 2017

Gamber and Community Fire Company and surrounding companies were alerted for a possible basement fire in the 4600 block of Cherry Tree Lane in Eldersburg. Engine 134 was first arriving with Chief 13 (Green) as command.

134 crew stretched a line to the basement. With no heat or visible fire in the basement, the crew discovered the fire was out and coordinated with Tower 12 for ventilation of the smoke filled basement. During ventilation the crew from 134 found burned up wood on a shelf and wet down the wood along with the surrounding area.

It was later found out that the homeowner used a blow torch to rid the basement of cobwebs. Command held the scene to Engine 134, Medic 139 and Tower 12. Crews were on scene for approximately 45 minutes.

Units: Engine 134, Engine 131, Engine-Tanker 133, Brush 136, Duty 13, Medic 139
Mutual Aid: Sykesville: Tower 12, Engine 124, Winfield: Engine 142 Engine 141, Tanker 14, Reese: Engine 92