Fuel Spill At Royal Farms
By Chief Charlie Green Jr
October 11, 2017

Just after 1:00 pm on Wednesday, units from Gamber, Sykesville, and the Carroll County Hazmat team were alerted for a large fuel spill at the Royal Farms Store in Gamber. Engine 134 arrived and found a trail of gas from the fuel pumps to the storm drain. Engine 134 placed absorbent in front of the storm drain to prevent any additional gas from entering the drain. Engine 134 and Engine 124 crews removed the covers from two different storm drains to check for gas inside the drains.

After discussion with the Hazmat Team and Maryland Department of the Environment, crews metered the area and placed absorbent pads inside the storm drains. Royal Farms management was in contact with a clean-up company to finish cleaning up any remaining fuel.

Reminder that when pumping fuel that the operator is to remain with the nozzle. This spill was caused by the operator setting the auto switch on the nozzle and going into the store. The pump did not auto shut off and was allowed to run until it was turned off.

Units: Engine 134
Mutual Aid: Engine 124 (Sykesville), Hazmat 30(Carroll County Hazmat Team)