During this holiday season keep in mind these safety messages
By EMS Lieutenant Bridget Weishaar
June 28, 2018

It is always recommended that instead of using fireworks, go to a professional public display.

If you do use fireworks yourself, make sure you use approved fireworks.

In Carroll County and some other parts of Maryland, approved fireworks include; Ground Based Sparkling Devices, Gold Labeled Sparklers, and Novelty Items such as "Snap n Pop", "Black Snakes", and "Party Poppers"‚Äč

If you still are legally allowed to use fireworks, take caution using these tips...

Keep a bucket of water nearby in case fireworks get out of control.

Wait for the firework to completely burn out before cleaning it up.

Do not wear loose fitting clothing while using fireworks.

Do not set off fireworks on grass, indoors or on a flammable structure.

Keep back from lit fireworks. If the firework does not go off, put it out with water and dispose of it.

Point fireworks away from houses, buildings, or other flammable structures.

Supervise children and animals around fireworks. Keep children away from fireworks. Make sure frightened animals are kept inside and away from the fireworks.

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