Gamber Now Recruiting Administrative Members!
By Firefighter/EMT Todd Tracey
December 31, 2018

Not interested in riding the fire engine but want to help your community? Much like a well oiled machine, our company takes the hard work of many volunteers to complete our mission. Our primary mission is to preserve life, property, and the environment in that order. Our commitment to that goal and your support for us has brought the latest technology, training, and apparatus to the front lines to provide you with a better service. Providing emergency services to our community could not happen without the members who support our "behind-the-scenes" operations.

Our administrative members benefit from the same benefits as our operational members. Administrative members also receive tax incentives, help with tuition and other benefits.

We need members to help with administrative functions, fundraising, and more! If this sounds like something you might be interested in submit an interest form below!

Interest Form Link: