Members Attend Ice Rescue Tech Training in Deep Creek Lake, MD
By Lieutenant Patrick Livesay
February 17, 2019

Last weekend, nine (9) members of Gamber and Community Fire Company traveled to Deep Creek Lake, MD for Ice Rescue Technician training. The training was led by Atlantic Technical Rescue (also known as Rescue 3 Northeast), an internationally recognized leader in water and flood water rescue training.

Members (to include chief officers and operational members) learned and practiced rescue techniques based on a citizen falling through the ice into frigid cold waters, as well as self-rescue techniques for self-survival in the event of a rescuer falling through the ice. Members spent their days in a classroom setting, practicing ropes and knot techniques as well as eight(8) hours+ on Deep Creek Lake in below freezing temperatures.

Remember, all ice should be considered unsafe until proven otherwise, and you should remain vigilant. In our area with the temperature fluctuations, ice is considered to be rotten (very poor quality, fragile and unsteady) as a whole. If you find yourself in a situation involving rotten ice, stay calm, have someone call for help immediately and don't panic. Grab on to anything that will help you keep your head above the water and make every attempt to remain calm. Keep in mind, if a pet or animal goes out onto the ice DO NOT go after them. Call for help, and don't make yourself a victim.

Gamber and Community Fire Company has the only water rescue asset in the county and will respond to a variety of water rescues incidents, including swift water operations, dive rescue and recovery operations, and ice rescue operations.

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