Divers get back in the water and new tenders in training
By Chief Charlie Green Jr
May 27, 2020

On May 21, 2020 the Gamber & Community Fire Co. water rescue team held two trainings at the Liberty Reservoir in Sykesville.

We held a morning and evening training to give more opportunity to get people out to the water. Some newer divers had their first chance to get into water that they couldn't see more then a couple feet while getting used to the equipment we use. More experienced divers were on hand to give the new divers tips and help them get used to the way things go along with getting time in the water themselves. This also gave us a chance to train newer member how to be dive tenders.

The tenders are just a important as the divers as they control the search patterns, track dive information, and assist the divers into the equipment. Tenders and divers have to learn line signals, use of communications systems, search patterns and equipment used.

Units: Dive Unit 13, Boat 13, Boat 13-1, Utility 13, Duty 13, Medic 139