Gamber Crews Get Out and Train with Hose Lines
June 20, 2020

The other day, a crew from the Gamber and Community Fire Company took Engine 134 and Utility 13 out on the air to do some training. The crews practiced 2 different scenarios where it was necessary to pull hose lines to different buildings as if the buildings were on fire. Crews discussed firefighting tactics and how to handle unusual situations such as having to put together hose line that is longer then the pre-connected lines that we have on our engines. Crews then flowed water to get used to handling the hose as if they were in a building fighting fire.

This kind of training keeps the crews fresh in their skills and keeps them ready to respond to emergencies. All members who ride the fire apparatus have trained through MFRIs Firefighter 1 and some other classes, but it is important for each member to keep up on their training. The hard work that these members put into training pays off when it is needed at an actual emergency.

Units: Engine 134, Utility 13