Sportmans Drawing Announcement
By Chief Charlie Green Jr
September 20, 2020

Due to the on going Covid 19 restrictions we have decided to do the sportmans drawing virtually. We will do the drawing live on facebook starting at 630pm Sept 26 . Since we cant hold in person we have made a couple adjustments. Before we start the drawing we will pull three tickets. The first will be the guaranteed winner which is the ticket that will win one of the last 5 five prizes. The second ticket will be for a Henry Golden Boy 22 mag that was supposed to be the raffle at the door. The third, we will announce that night. Everyone with a ticket will be eligible for these drawings. Once those are done we will continue on with the drawing as normal. The winners will be posted on the website, facebook and we will make notifications on Sunday Sept 27.

We want to thank everyone for their understanding and continued support.