E-131 Update for Week of 12/4/2020
By Chief Engineer Chuck Doyle Jr.
December 4, 2020

As you can see more has been done over the last week. Main thing is new front rims have been installed. Front bumper looks to be completed now. Even Q2B is back on. Front auto line compartment looks to be completed. Mock up grill has been removed as the new one will be like Engine 134's with the Maryland Flag when it's done. Backup screen is in place for the driver. USB ports have been added inside cab. All seats are done except for driver's seat. Most likely some wiring still being installed in that area. Pump panel still getting its upgrades, air horn button , air primer, and auto line control valve . I am guessing the graphics will be the very last thing done so as the unit is not being rocked during that process.