E-131 Rehab Photo's for Week of 12/18/2020
By Chief Engineer Chuck Doyle Jr.
December 18, 2020

More progress. Graphics are going on. Items like the grille had to be removed due to some graphics behind the grille. Cross lay netting is now in place. Driver's seat is back in now. So that means the new 3rd generation command system has been completed as the original one went bad. It was a first gen system from 1999. President Bollinger was talking to staff at the shop today and looks as if its going to be the week between Christmas and New Years to be ready for us. Fingers crossed.

Note from the shop:
I’m sure someone will pick up on this, but I just wanted to point it out anyway…
I thought the bumper needed something on there since you were losing the gold 131 on the cab panel for the Roto-Ray. It seemed to a good idea. It is the same color and font as 131 located in the white stripe on the cab doors. This was just a little something that I had the sign shop do and I put it on the bumper this afternoon.