Put a Freeze on Winter Fires
By Public Information Officer Clay Myers
February 2, 2021

Home fire fatalities increase during the winter. To help you know more about the increased risk, USFA (US Fire Administration) is partnering with NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) to “Put a Freeze on Winter Fires.” The initiative focuses on hazards that may increase a family’s risk of having a house fire.

In February, the focus is on electrical fire safety, complementing the American Burn Association’s National Burn Awareness Week’s theme “Electrical Safety from Amps to Zap (A to Z)!” The National Burn Awareness Week is February 7 – 13. See the attached images that focus on home electrical safety.

USFA created an immersive 360-degree kitchen fire-safety video that lets you choose where to look instead of just sitting back and watching.

"Look around our kitchen to find the fire hazards. Once you've found them, pan around to see how you can easily fix them and make your kitchen fire safe. Share the video with your family and friends to teach them about the possible fire hazards in the kitchen. The video also works with virtual reality (VR) headsets."

Here is the link for the video on You Tube: