Swiftwater Training in the Potomac River
By Lieutenant Patrick Livesay
July 24, 2021

Members of the Gamber and Community Fire Company Water Rescue Team, and Carroll County ATR (Advanced Technical Rescue) Team spent the day on the Potomac River practicing swift-water rescue skills.

This particular section of the Potomac River is the feeder canal adjacent to the C&O Canal, also known as Lock #6. This feeder canal was originally created to allow additional water into the C&O Canal when it was in operation. Today it is common spot for whitewater kayakers, as you can see the slalom course in the pictures.

Members of the Water Rescue Team practiced many Swiftwater Rescue Technician skills. Some of which included throw bag operations, low water crossings, "eddy" hopping, river crossing, negotiating strainers, and live victim rescues.

Please remember swimming in this portion of the Potomac is strictly off limits to the general public, do not try this at home.

~Semper Paratus