Gamber First Arriving Engine to Building Fire
By Recording Secretary Todd Tracey
February 26, 2022

A group of Gamber & Community Fire Company volunteers and employees quickly transitioned from training to firefighting operations Saturday afternoon. Shortly after 12pm on Saturday, Gamber and surrounding companies were alerted for a structure fire in Reese's area. Gamber responded with Engine 131, Engine-Tanker 133, Engine 134, and Duty 13 within 2 minutes of dispatch. Chief 9-1 arrived shortly before Gamber units with heavy fire showing from a 40 x 60 one story garage.

Gamber operated with many other fire companies from Carroll and Baltimore Counties.

Approximately 60 firefighters operated on scene for 90 minutes to get the fire under control. Firefighters engaged in extensive firefighting operations and overhaul.

The Maryland Office of the State Fire Marshal continues to investigate the origin of this fire

Units: Engine 131, Engine 134, Engine-Tanker 133, Duty-13, Utility 13-1