Probationary Firefighters Complete Skill Checkoffs
By Public Information Officer Todd Tracey
March 13, 2022

Early Saturday morning, March 12, 2022, Gamber's newest firefighters gathered to gain proficiency with skills learned in Firefighter I courses. Each firefighter must successfully pass the Maryland Fire & Rescue Institute's (MFRI) Firefighter I course (135 hours of classroom instruction and practical skill evolutions) as well as MFRI's Hazardous Materials Operations course (36 hours). Gamber requires each firefighter to successfully complete a "check-off packet" ensuring each skill is mastered before responding to calls. MFRI is part of the University of Maryland.

The pictures show firefighters completing a hose course while their mask is covered limiting vision to simulate an environment they might not be familiar with. This maze included overlapping hoses, confined spaces, and changes in elevation all of which they could not see. This hose maze was made in our engine bay to replicate things they may experience in the field.