Gamber Celebrates 60 Years with Banquet & Awards
By Public Information Officer Clay Myers
March 24, 2024

The Gamber & Community Fire Company celebrated its 60th Anniversary on Saturday, March 23, 2024, with a banquet and awards ceremony. Past Chief and life member, Dennis Brothers, was the emcee.

Special guests included DFEMS Director/Chief Michael Robinson and Gary and Terry Brothers. Gary and Terry are the sons of Gamber’s first President, Oscar Brothers and Auxiliary Charter Member Virginia Brothers.

Chief Robinson presented a plaque to President Dale Bollinger recognizing Gamber for its 60th anniversary.

Gary and Terry Brothers were recognized for establishing and supporting the Oscar Brothers Memorial Scholarship Program.

During the ceremony, members of the fire company and the Auxiliary who passed away during the past ten years were memorialized. They include: William Bollinger, Jr., Charter Member; Robin Chenoweth; John Funk, Sr., Charter Member; Luther Brothers; Charles Arnold, Charter Member; George Zepp; Robert Sawyer, Charter Member; Wesley "Buddy" Lindsay, Charter Member; Thomas Flater III; William "Mike" Sullivan; William "Bill" Sullivan; Clifford Yeager; and Kenneth Linton, Charter Member.

Members of the Auxiliary who passed away in the last ten years include: Louise Lindsay, Charter Member; Belle Stickles; Virginia Brothers, Charter Member; Doris Mae Souders, Charter Member; Letha Palmer; Laura Thomas; Carole Flater; Judith Beardsley; and Elizabeth "Betty" Arnold, Charter Member.

Additionally, CCVESA Hall of Fame honorees from Gamber were also recognized. They include Dale Bollinger, William Bollinger, Jr., Calvin Brothers, Dennis Brothers, Charles D. Green, Jr., Jeannie Green, Richard A. Green, Jr., Robert Klinefelter, Kenneth Linton, and Clarence Souders.

The Fire Company presented the following honors and awards to its members:

The Gerald L. Lindsay Memorial Firefighter of the Year Award was presented to Michael Green.

The Rookie of the Year Award went to Riley Rodriguez.

William Strotz was presented with the Herman Hoff Memorial Award for outstanding service in fund raising.

Mark Snyder was honored as the Administrative Member of the Year.

Cheyenne Caple was awarded the Garrett M. Lindsay Memorial Junior Firefighter of the Year honor and recognized as the outgoing president of the Junior Fire Co.

The following members responded to the most fire suppression/rescue/water rescue calls for 2023:
1. Shawn Chenoweth – 276
2. W. Chad Hastings – 233
3. Dale Bollinger – 199
4. William Dunton – 192
5. George Syfert - 149
6. Chuck Doyle, Jr. – 142
7. Ricky Syfert - 126
8. Michael Green - 122
9. Charles D. Green, Jr. - 118
10. James Love – 98

The following members had the most fire suppression training hours for 2023:
1. Wyatt Frederick - 155
2. Rylie Fuller - 141
3. Rose Blair – 79
4. Steve Hudziak - 72
5. Evan Dayhoff - 52
6. Charles D. Green, Jr. - 30
7. Emily Franklin - 28
7. Patrick Livesay - 28
8. Jeremy Hutton - 27
8. James Ellison - 27

The following members had the most EMS calls for 2023:
1. Alexandra Mitchell - 57
2. Emily Franklin - 23
3. William Dunton - 21

The following members had the most EMS training hours in 2023:
1. Rose Blair – 72
2. Niki Solomon – 60
3. Shawn Chenoweth - 32

The following members had the most fundraising hours in 2023:

1. Charlie D. Green, Jr 497.5
2. Rose Pandolfini 494
3. Chrissy Yingling 451.5
4. William Strotz 440.5
5. Carol Taylor 341
6. Dave Barnes 305.5
7. W. Chad Hastings 302.5
8. Stanley Mertz 302
9. Chris Kelly 287.5
10. Keith Fisher 254.5

Membership/Service Pins were presented to the following members:

20 Year Life Active – Patricia Brauning

5 Years
Jack Bez
Amanda Devilbiss
George Fritz
Joshua Kosmicki
Phil Kosmicki
Alexandra Mitchell
Gailynn Petry
Diane Strotz
William Strotz
Todd Tracey
Austin White

10 Years
Shari-Lynn Schaffer
Christopher Wilson

15 Years
Victoria Popien
Donna Reckline

20 Years
Stephanie Livesay

30 Years
Jeff Leppert
Bridget Weishaar

40 Years
Curtis Brothers
Shawn Chenoweth
Brendan Gable
J. Ronald Green

45 Years
Duane Ludwig

50 Years
Patricia Brauning
C. Daniel Green, Jr.
Bob Klinefelter