2024 Carnival Raffle Winners Announced
By Public Information Officer Clay Myers
June 2, 2024

The members of the Gamber & Community Fire Company and the Gamber Junior Fire Company want to extend our thanks to the community for supporting our 2024 carnival. It was a big success with only a few weather issues.

Once we have taken a well deserved rest, we will begin planning for next year's big event. Thank you again from all of us.

Congratulations to our 2024 carnival raffle winners! Thank you for participating.

1st place Dalton Glover Eldersburg $8,000.00
2nd place Tracy Higgs $2000.00
3rd place Margaret Broadwater Finksburg $500.00
4th place John Yutes Westminster $500.00
5th place Mary Schlipper Westminster $250.00
6th place Tom Valentine Frederick $250.00