Gamber Personnel Recognized for Clinical Saves
By 1st Vice President Todd Tracey
June 2, 2024

The Carroll County Department of Fire and EMS (CCDFEMS) recognized several field personnel last week for clinical saves. These awards are for clinical saves where the patient was able to be discharged neurologically intact from the hospital. This was a part of the 2024 National EMS Week where CCDFEMS celebrated the field personnel who contribute to the pre-hospital system in Carroll County.

While many providers across the county were recognized for their contributions, several Gamber members & employees were recognized for their life-saving efforts.

We congratulate and say "Job Well Done" to our personnel recognized for their heroic actions:

EMS Lt. Alex Mitchell
Paid FF/Paramedic Eddie Godwin
Paid FF/EMT/EVOD Jeffrey Partridge
Paid FF/EMT Shane Shifflet
Paid FF/EMT Chris Silman
Paid FF/EMT Lisa Warner

Additionally, Gamber responded to a pediatric "near-drowning" in our first due last summer. Due to the quick actions of the family and fire department units, the patient was able to be discharged from the hospital neurologically intact. Those personnel were:

Fire Lt Emily Franklin
Paid FF/EMT Mathew Bowles
FF/EMT Billy Dunton

The Gamber & Community Fire Company is extremely proud of the work our personnel (both paid & volunteer) do every day. Between our personnel's heroic actions and the community's support, we would not be able to deliver our mission.